Rokiškio rajono vietos veiklos grupė

COMMUNITIES. Rokiškis region community festival "Only together we are successful" will be held in Salos on June 17th. STRATEGY. The XIV th call for projects under the activity area of the Rokiškis district LAG strategy "Support for business development" is underway. Get acquainted with the documents by clicking on the link.

Poster stands in towns encourage interest in the stories of prominent local residents
News, 30/06/2023

At the end of June, the stands of the local activity group of the Rokiškis district in Obeliai, Jūžintai and Panemunėlis came to life with posters of famous locals. The attention of passers-by will be aroused by our people who have returned from historical memory: traditional Lithuanian song writer Emilija Zaukaitė-Kuzavinienė (she turns 120 this year), banker Juozas Paknys (140 years old), journalist and editor Petras Ruseckas (140 years old).

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Cultural DNA nominees - heads of LAG members
News, 21/06/23

The municipality of Rokiškis district informs that the state cultural heritage commission has invited nominees for the "Paveldas DNR" awards, which will honor the most distinguished people in the field of cultural heritage, the best managed objects and the most successful initiatives.
The municipal administration submitted a proposal with a list of nominees to the State Cultural Heritage Commission and we hope that the State Heritage Commission will evaluate them:

Eimutis Novikas, St. Rokiškis priest of the Church of St. Matthew the Apostle, dean of Rokiškis deanery. He is very responsible, implements innovative projects and pays a lot of attention to the entire preservation of the cultural heritage of the Rokiškis Church and its recognition and presentation to the public.
Jolanta Vygėlienė- chairwoman of the Kamajai village community, leader of the LAG member, for her careful and responsible work in implementing and establishing the unique museum of the poet and priest Antanas Strazdas, St. Kamajai in the chapel in the yard of the Kazimieras church.
Vladimiras Tokarevas - chairman of the Pandėlys city community, leader of the LAG member, for his large-scale and significant environmental management works in the adaptation and maintenance of the Pandėlys manor homestead park.

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Community celebration in Salos
News, 19/06/23

On June 17th, Saturday, the fourth community festival "Only together we are successful" took place. The initiators of the celebration - the local activity group of Rokiškis district with a group of partners invited this year to spend time in Salos and get to know this unique land.

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Community celebration on June 17 in Salos
News, 07/06/2023

The fourth "Only together we are successful" festival invites you to gather in Salos this year. On June 17, a traditional gathering of communities will take place in the manor park, where communities will gather to informally exchange ideas and celebrate the work done. This year it will be a celebration in which participants and guests of various ages and interests will be in action.

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Golgotos kelias: a traditional bicycle ride

On May 21st a traditional bicycle ride is being organized to celebrate the day of honoring the partisans, the army and  th society day. This year's march will be dedicated to the history of the Lithuanian partisans who operated in the Šimonys forest.

Applications for AKKA competition until the end of April

Applications for the 2023 selection competition of examples of good projects of the Lithuanian rural development 2014-2020 program "Future village developers 2023" must be submitted by April 30th.

Only completed projects that have been implemented without violations, have not been subject to sanctions and have achieved all the monitoring indicators provided for in the project application can be submitted to the tender.

Executors of eligible projects who wish to participate in the Good Project Examples competition must complete the "Good Project Example Form"

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Events in memory of Antanas Strazdas

On April 3rd-29th, events are held in Kamajai in memory of Antanas Strazdas "Ei, tu tu tu Strazdelis, tujei mandras paukštelis".

Community initiatives - in the participatory budget

40,000 Euros are provided in the budget of the municipality of Rokiškis district for the participating budget: 20,000 Euros to implement district projects and 20,000 Euros for city projects. The purpose of financing community initiatives aimed at improving the living environment, project finansating idea is to increase the opportunities of citizens to be included in the formation of the municipal budget.

The applicant can be any resident who has declared their place of residence in the municipality of Rokiškis district, who is at least 16 years old, and who has collected 20 signatures of residents who have declared their place of residence in the district, supporting the idea.

Proposals for project ideas are being accepted until 2023 March 14th at the Rokiškis district municipality administration (Respublikos g. 94, Rokiškis) and electronically (e-mail:

The value of the project implementation is up to 20,000 Euros.

More information can be found here


Flag of the Gediminas Tower for Pandėlys Gymnasium

On January 1st, during the Lithuanian Flag Day remembering ceremony, the national flag that was hanging at the Gediminas Tower was handed over to the Pandėlys Gymnasium of Rokiškis district for public spirit nurturing, - the Ministry of National Defense reported.

The tradition of handing over the flag of the Gediminas Castle tower to one of the Lithuanian schools has existed since 2005.

L. Sadauskienė – the president of Rokiškis business club

Just before Christmas, Laimutė Sadauskienė, a long-time member of the board of the Rokiškis district local activity group, owner of a bakery company, and an active public figure, became the president of the Rokiškis business club.

L.Sadauskienė is counting her personal business achievements with the medals of šakotis, sweet mushrooms and other baked goods from various national and international exhibitions. Her activities are also important in the LAG of Rokiškis district - L. Sadauskienė has been sharing her experience with NGOs almost since the beginning of the LAG, she joined in 2009. L. Sadauskienė's company is often mentioned by non-governmental organizations for its patronage tradition.


A virtual exhibition for the centenary of the artist

The Lithuanian Literature and Art Archive has prepared a virtual exhibition to commemorate the centeruy of the birth of a talented artist from Rokiškis region, Aleknos, Juzefa Pajuta (Jutos) Čeičytės (1922 - 2022),  repost the portal 

Mykolas Römeris
Mykolui Römeriui - 140
Vytautas Gužas - Kardas
Juozas Otto Širvydas
Juozas Petrulis
Juozas Tūbelis
Antanas Deksnys
Antanas Tumėnas
Vladas Mironas
Marcelė Kubiliūtė
Algirdas Mykolas Brazauskas
Šmuelis Aba Sniegas
Leonardas Grigonis - Užpalis

The project is financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Republic of Lithuania