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The last training of Call V
News, 07-07-2020

The last LAG training for Call V will take place on 10 July. from 4 p.m. Municipalities I a. in the hall and on July 14. from 5 p.m. Municipalities 8 a. in the hall.

Topics: Delivery documents; answers to questions.

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Let’s build a strategy together
News, 19-06-2020

Please fill out the form that will help you develop a strategy for the new period.

You can find the online application form here

Thank you in advance for the answers

Partner: Rokiškis Juozas Keliuotis Public Library

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Training to create or improve existing websites

In the arsenal hall of Biržai castle (J. Radvilos str. 3, Biržai) in 2020. July 8 (Wednesday) 15.00 The event will be open to anyone who wants to create or improve websites and e-mails. shops. The most beautiful Lithuanian domain will be awarded during it www.sukįkaimą.lt 

To the event until July 7. please register online: 

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A new LAG volunteer is a scooter entrepreneur


The ranks of Rokiškis LAG volunteers are being filled - Rugilė Balčiūnaitė will start volunteering according to the YVS program from Wednesday. She is not only a volunteer, but also an entrepreneur who rents scooters.

Photo by M. Ulevičienė


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