Rokiškio rajono vietos veiklos grupė

The LAG volunteer swore to serve Lithuania
09-10-2020, News

Martyna Povilavičiūtė, a volunteer of the Rokiškis District Local Action Group, on October 9. together with 160 soldiers at the General Adolfas Ramanauskas Combat Training Center of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, he swore to serve the Republic of Lithuania faithfully, without sparing strength and life to defend the Lithuanian state, its freedom and independence.  


In the photo the junior queue Martyna of the Lithuanian Army with grandmother Brone and uncle Vytauru. Photo by R.Stankevičiūtė-Vilimienė.

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Belarus after the elections
from 09/08/2020 to 24/08/2020


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Call VI for projects has ended

October 6 5 p.m. the 6th call for projects under the three GSP instruments ended. 5 local projects were received.

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Hot topics: old experiences and new opportunities
25-09-2020, News

Social business, a smart village are topics that will be covered on September 17th. analyzed the Lithuanian rural local action group from all over Lithuania to Birštonas. The conference "LEADER opportunities in Lithuania and the EU - good practice" was organized by their network organization - the LAG network.

A moment of the photo conference of the LAG network archive.

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